Vesdo Inc.


November 4th to 6th 2013 in Basel

Vesdo will have a poster presentation at the PDA conference “The Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices” which will take place in Basel from November 4th to 6th link

October 3rd / 4th 2013 in Amsterdam

Vesdo will participate in the Global Secure Summit hosted by Arena-International to be held in Amsterdam on the 2nd to the 4th October 2013. link

September 19th 2013 in Munich

Mr. Toedtli from Vesdo Ltd will act as speaker at the expert panel “Counterfeiting and Tampering Protection for Pharmaceuticals” organized by Schreiner Prosecure in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on September 19th 2013

January 28th/ 29th 2013 in London

Vesdo CEO Sergej Toedtli will present a joint presentation together with Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging at the “European 5th Annual European Pre-Filled Syringes” Conference, organised by SMI in London, January 28th/ 29th 2013. The title of the presentation is “Proven Glass Coding Technology allows for full Traceability in Production and the Supply Chain”. link

March 28th / 29th 2012 in Friedrichshafen

The congress „Kunststoffe in der Medizintechnik“ is a „Fachtagung VDI“. Mr. S.Toedtli, CEO of Vesdo Ltd. will speak about solutions to fight against product piracy. link

June 8th / 9th, 2011 in London

Mr. Toedtli, CEO of Vesdo Ltd. will speak at the VISIONGAIN “6th Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Conference”, regarding “Stumbling Block Data Matrix Barcode Quality Assessment”.link

July 4th to 6th, 2011 in Berlin

On July 4th of the IQPC 2nd congress “Global Pharma Authentication 2011”, Mr. Toedtli, CEO of Vesdo will moderate the workshop “Corporate Security Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies”link

June 21st, 2011 in Schaffhausen/Switzerland

Vesdo will participate in the IPI International Packaging Institute “Anti-Counterfeiting” conference and speak about “Securing the supply Chain”link


June 2014

The US Food & Drug Administration has published a DRAFT Guidance for Industry regarding „Identification of Suspect Product and Notification“. This guidance is intended to aid trading partners (manufacturers, repackagers, wholesale distributors, or dispensers) in identifying a suspect product and terminating notifications regarding illegitimate product. More

June 13th

The Vesdo Patent PCT/EP2012/074318 regarding a machine to read out of barcodes, etched by laser on pharmaceutical glass containers as syringes, vials and ampoules has been published. More

May 11th 2012:

Vesdo Ltd. launched it’s new compliance labels for testing the compliance of inline datamatrix barcode reading cameras with ISO/IEC

December 5th 2011:

Vesdo Ltd. has filed a European patent application regarding an innovative station for reading codes on syringe glass containers, engraved by laser.

Febr. 16th, 2011:

Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council….. as regards the prevention of the entry into the legal supply chain of medicinal products which are falsified…. pdf

Feb., 2010

Vesdo publication in – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer (PMPS): “Protection against Product Piracy” link

Feb., 2010

Joint publication of Roche, Schott, Seidenader and Vesdo:”Encoding and Reading of Codes on Glass Containers for Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Products” link