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Exemplary high-level visualization of brand protection strategy components

While it may not be possible to actually prevent counterfeiters from trying to mimick, falsify or divert products and, thereby, create damage to a brand, they can be prevented from succeeding. Combating counterfeitung is an investment in both time and money, but this investment may turn out to be small in comparision to the damage done to the brand and potentially also to the customers, especially (e.g.) in case of pharmaceuticals.

On a technical level, the security industry offers a multitude of presumably ready-to-deploy features and solutions for product protection. These fall into two general categories:

Authentication Features

Authentication features provide the means to verify the authenticity of a given product or its packaging. The classical feature is based on physical security and the principle that counterfeiters do not have access to the sophisticated materials, methods and tools to fabricate and apply such a feature. However, an authentication feature by itself or even a combination of features will not prevent product falsification or diversion.


Serialization provides the means to individually track a given item or group of items throughout the distribution chain. Different concepts and technical implementations of serialization / track & trace solutions exist, with the base principle being the combination of physical marking and digital information processing. Serialization is one of the cornerstones in fighting diversion and can also serve to check authenticity.

In order for a brand protection system to produce meaningful results, it is imperative to complement authentication features and/or serialization / track & trace with dedicated organizational components. Only accurately devised and coordinated technical and organizational components will make for an efficient and effective system. Their design and implementation requires a combination of relevant skills, knowledge and experience, all of which Vesdo can offer.