Vesdo Inc.
Info Year Download
Laser coding method developed for glass containers 2012 pdf
Compliance Labels 2012 pdf
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe: “Data Matrix Barcodes: you can’t control what you can’t measure” 2010 pdf
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer (PMPS): “Protection against Product Piracy” 2010 pdf
ONdrugDELIVERY: “Encoding and Reading of Codes on Glass Containers for Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Products” 2010 pdf
Press release by Roche, Schott, Seidenader and Vesdo: “Novel Laser Coding Technology for Pharmaceutical Glass Containers” 2009 pdf
Pharmind – die pharmazeutische industrie “Codieren und Lesen der Codierung von Behältnissen aus Glas für pharmazeutische und diagnostische Produkte 2009 pdf
Krafthand: “Plagiate per Fotohandy finden” 2008 pdf
Tobacco Journal International: “All for one in combating counterfeiters” 2008 pdf
Tobacco Journal International: “Model worth adapting?” 2008 pdf
Press release by CLEPA, TecCom and Vesdo: “Automotive security infrastructure – Recommendations for product authentication and traceability to combat counterfeiting” 2007 pdf
Tobacco Journal International: “Eliminating product piracy-just a dream?” 2007 pdf
Tobacco Journal International: “New perspectives in fighting product piracy” 2006 pdf
Neue Verpackung: “Noch lange nicht am Ende” 2006 pdf
Tobacco Journal International: “Is this a genuine product?” 2005 pdf
Verpackungskatalog: “Barcode ist noch lange nicht am Ende” 2005 pdf