Vesdo Inc.
As internationally operating consulting engineers we exclusively focus on layout and realization of comprehensive, industrial security and serialization infrastructures in large, medium, and small sized companies to protect against product piracy. Vesdo is a fully independent service provider, which does not sell any hardware/ software products nor receive commission payments from any suppliers for product sales. This independence allows us to work solely in the interest of our customers by identifying the most suitable, cost effective and efficient technologies and its suppliers. We insist on total confidentiality in all our activities. Therefore our relationships with clients are normally covered by confidentiality disclosure agreements.
Located in Switzerland, our company has its roots in the high security industry. Based on extensive experiences since the year 2000, Vesdo Inc. is recognized as pioneer in this young field and has an excellent reputation out of many successful strategic and operational projects in the pharmaceutical-, automotive-, tobacco- and cosmetics industry and as well has a broad customer base. Design and implementation of an effective, industrial infrastructure to protect brand owners against product piracy is a demanding assignment. Vesdo consulting engineers can empower project teams by

  • Bringing in cross industry expertise and practical experiences from many projects
  • Providing engineering skills, based on our technical laboratory
  • Supporting all project phases, from concept until the final system implementation
  • Harmonizing the sometimes conflicting interests of internal departments involved, thus building a solid base for a smooth realization.


Vesdo project managers are all multilingual, have one ore more university degrees and benefit from extensive careers in middle and top management. Our concepts and solution approaches are based on experiences from actually implemented security solutions and are therefore elaborated, practical, pragmatic and easy to implement.

Key facts about Vesdo

Following are some key facts about Vesdo:

  • Fully independent, market leading security and serialization engineering service provider
  • Active since 2000; Recognized as pioneer in the product security industry
  • In over 100 Projects Vesdo has been a reliable partner
  • Located in Switzerland
  • No commissions accepted for sales of recommended suppliers to our customers
  • Specific Vesdo products (e.g. calibration standards) and patents for supporting our services
  • Projects in the Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Cosmetics and Tobacco Industry
  • 100% self financed (no venture capital), profitable and rapid growing company

 Our ReferencesIn over 100 Projects Vesdo has been a reliable partner


Vesdo can also offer support for demanding projects with its powerful and highly trained staff of experts.

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