Vesdo Inc.
To get an integrated antipiracy infrastructure in your company authentication and tracking systems have to be implemented, business processes adapted and quality assurance granted. Vesdo has the expertise to support customers in evaluating suppliers, shaping processes and ramp up infrastructures. Vesdo also has the cross industry experience to speed up projects and thus reduce costs.Concerned global players implement authentication systems into their organizations to defend their brand value and protect their customers’ safety. In large companies manufacturing and packaging are performed in a multitude of sites, with considerable volumes produced by independent third party suppliers. Packaging materials are mostly sourced from a multitude of local suppliers. Consequently, the organization in such an environment is highly complex. The implementation of an authentication and/ or tracking infrastructure means adaptation of existing business processes and creation of new ones.

Evaluations of security systems and technical subsystems are required. Once decisions have been taken, the security technology must be incorporated into a tailor made infrastructure compatible with the existing business landscape. Frequently authentication and serializing technologies need to be integrated into automatic packaging processes.

Of course major development work is required to upgrade existing information technology infrastructures and/or to set up additional databases and data networks. Quality assurance systems and processes call for careful consideration. Quite often new specific quality assurance systems have to be developed and implemented. Internal staffs and external suppliers have to be intensively trained to handle the new systems.Vesdo has the expertise, the human resources and the cross industry experience to support customers in this demanding implementation process, so as to speed up projects and reduce costs as follows:

  • Vesdo has an excellent market overview of suitable security system, data base, printing, labeling and scanning device manufacturers, allowing fast and efficient search of potential suppliers
  • Vesdo’s generic technical and functional specifications (URS/FS) for most relevant technologies and applications allow a rapid and efficient evaluation through RFI /RFP (Request for Information/Proposal) processes.
  • We have the generic process models for most security, serializing and traceability related business processes, allowing a quick and efficient tailoring to specific customer environments.
  • By focusing on coding technologies, we have a deep and comprehensive knowledge of barcode technology, the related ISO, ANSI and GS1 standards, the verification processes and instruments as well as their application.
  • Based on our well equipped workshop with tool machines we are able to produce prototypes and specific measuring equipments on short notice.