Vesdo Inc.

Manufacturing and packaging operations are typically distributed across different sites, including outsourcing of a considerable portion of the total volume to contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). CMOs usually source their supplies from a network of local suppliers. Implementing and operating an effective brand protection / product security system in a complex corporate environment is a demanding undertaking.

Vesdo offers support for any one or all of the tasks at hand, including but not limited to: System design, supplier evaluation and selection (RFP/RFQ), definition of (business) processes and workflows, preparation of user requirement specifications (URS), installation of infrastructure components, proof-of-concept / pilots, testing and qualification of equipment, ramp-up of operations, validation of systems / processes, and training.

  • Our excellent market overview in the areas of serialization / track & trace and product security allows for fast and targeted identification of potential suppliers.
  • Our repository of proven user requirement specifications (URS) for relevant technologies and applications facilitates fast and efficient supplier evaluation (RFP/RFQ).
  • Our repository of generic models for serialization and product security processes provides the basis for fast and efficient tailoring to specific customer environments.
  • Our profound knowledge and experience regarding the implementation of serialization / track & trace and product protection systems into complex corporate ecosystems allow us to identify and eliminate stumbling blocks from the outset.
  • Our versatility, results-oriented mindset and commitment to see a project through to the end are our success factors.
  • Utilizing our services will shorten the time to go-live and, thereby, provide an opportunity for cost reduction.