Vesdo Inc.

Vesdo has the expertise and creativity to successfully perform basic research and develop systems for new technical solutions in printing, coding and quality assurance. In the context of such projects we have filed multiple patents for our customers.Very often the market does not precisely offer the solutions required by our clients. Vesdo offers support in solving technically demanding issues. For instance, many authentication technologies have never been deployed in large companies, so during implementation adaptations or extensions to the basic technology are needed, for example to ensure quality assurance, thus bringing the system to an industrial level. Sometimes the impact of coding technologies on the basic substrate (carton, glass, metal) needs to be investigated. When the security level of a specific technology is questionable, Vesdo tests the resistance of such systems against copying or reverse engineering.
 Our technical laboratory is well equipped with all required optical instruments, microscopes, image analysis tools and software required to perform the necessary analysis, investigations and developments. Using our machine tools we are also able to manufacture on short notice prototypes and specialized instruments tailored to the specific needs.

For more details see the press release of a success story: The joint project with F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Schott and Seidenader related to the coding of syringe glass containers: link to press release, link to technical documentation