Vesdo Inc.
Very often the market does not offer the type of technical solution that best matches the needs of a given project or customer. For example, the deployment of an authentication feature may not be feasible “as-is” but requires customization or reinforcement to provide the required level of robustness. Likewise, a security technology may need to be subjected to additional scrutiny to ensure the required level of resistance against copying or reverse engineering.

We operate our own in-house laboratory equipped with microscopes, densitometers, cameras and lighting equipment, and a printing line. The laboratory is complemented by a mechanical machining workshop. This enables us to also fabricate prototypes and one-off inspection devices tailored to specific customer needs. Out of our work we have been awarded a number of patents.

Vesdo offers the unique capability to perform research and development in the areas of authentication features, barcode printing, in-line vision systems, and quality inspection.

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