Vesdo Inc.
Building up a firewall against criminal activities of product pirates needs a “top down” approach, meaning that the first step to do is defining a product security strategy. Developing such strategy is a demanding task for experts. Our consulting services on this level are based on proven tools and the experience from many strategy projects and implementation assignments, which are the solid foundation for intimate knowledge of the strength and limitations of the various security solutions.As first step the strategy team has to look into the actual threat and existing legal requirements. Prioritizing on which product families should be protected by which technologies on which packaging level is required. Of course the organizational impact of the proposed authentication and/ or tracking solutions must be determined. As a base for recommendations to the management an estimate of the expected costs and required resourced is essential. Vesdo can contribute much added value to the project team as follows:

  • Vesdo has good overview of legal requirements on a global scale.
  • Vesdo has proven tools to validate the strengths and weaknesses of various security technologies, in combination with a comprehensive overview of existing suppliers; this is a cornerstone in most strategy assignments.
  • Based on our implementation assignment we can bring in “real life” experience related to most security technologies.
  • Based on broad experience, Vesdo is able to elaborate precise cost, resource and time forecasts for the management.
Of course such strategies can also be developed for industry associations. An example of a Vesdo project realized for CLEPA , the European Association of Automotive Suppliers ( ), is illustrated in the following press release. The project was successfully realized in cooperation with the TecCom company. The outlined security system including the clearing hub is fully operational; details can be seen under link). link to CLEPA, TecCom and Vesdo press release