Vesdo Inc.
The design of an effective system to combat product piracy and counterfeiting  should follow a top-down approach and start with general strategic considerations such as the type of threat, the number of threats, the severity level of each threat etc. Just the same, the regulatory, technical and organisational leeway and constraints need to be assessed and understood. An essential step is also to analyze and define which product / which brand should be protected on which level and by which security measure. A reliable estimate of the expected cost, the required internal and external resources, and the time to go-live is a must to put senior management in a position to take informed decisions.

Based on previous strategic assignments and implementation projects, Vesdo possesses specific knowledge regarding the regulatory landscape, typical organisational constraints, and the strengths and shortfalls of security solutions available on the market today.

  • Vesdo possesses the necessary comprehensive overview of the regulatory requirements on a global scale.
  • The access to dedicated tools to evaluate strengths and shortcomings of security technologies is one of our key assets, as is a comprehensive overview of security technology vendors.
  • We bring in “real life” experience for a fair number of different security technologies based on previous assignments.
  • Rooted in our vast experience we are able to prepare reliable estimates for cost, resources and time.
  • The Vesdo approach is not limited to a specific industry or application.