Merger of Serialization Systems and Processes

  • Project location: Zurich (CH)
  • Project time frame: 2 years
  • Merger of extensive product portfolios
  • Merger of several internal and external  manufacturing sites
  • Migration of serialization data
  • Implementation, testing and  training of processes and functionalities


Vesdo provided support to one of the top international research-based pharma enterprises for a Merger of Serialization Systems of a newly acquired business unit. This merger was a multi-billion dollar transaction including an extensive product portfolio and several internal and external manufacturing sites. Vesdo was selected to support the integration of the acquired business unit based on their expertise and experience in serialization / track & trace processes, systems, and regulatory requirements. 

Vesdo developed for Merger of Serialization Systems strategies for the harmonization of serialization-relevant systems and processes and the migration of serialization data. Vesdo also supported the implementation of those processes and functionalities, informal and formal testing and training. Vesdo’s long-standing experience led to early identification and mitigation of risks ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.