Vesdo Inc.

Our services are carefully tailored to the specific needs of any given customer and will usually follow a top-down  approach to best possibly capture the full spectrum of requirements and frame conditions from the outset. This approach has been succesfully employed to strategic consultancy, implementation projects and research and development assignments:

Universe-00_s Strategic Consulting: The design of an effective product protection and/or serialization / track & trace strategy requires in-depth knowlegde, specific skills, relevant competence and experience. Vesdo  offers all of this based on their selection of staff and proven tools. Read more.
Forschung-04_s Implementations: Our implementation services encompass proof-of-concept studies, planning and execution of pilots, testing and  qualification/validation of equipment, systems and processes, go-live preparations, and training. Read more.
Forschung-02_s Research Projects: Vesdo offers the unique capability to perform research and development in the areas of authentication features, barcode printing, in-line vision systems, and quality inspection. Read more.
Printing-056B_s Barcode Compliance Labels:
Set-up and stress-test your in-line barcode quality inspection system with Vesdo’s custom-designed self-adhesive barcode compliance labels. Read more.