Vesdo Inc.

Do you print Data Matrix barcodes directly in the packaging line or a separate inline coding station? If you do so, you will be aware that the code quality is not always up to the required level, sometimes causing unnecessary rejects and financial losses.To guarantee the mandated minimal code grade, the use of an inline verification camera is highly recommended. But how can you check that the camera is working properly? How can you be sure that the system is correctly finding the correct level of print defects?
For checking the inline camera directly in its working location you will need a specific tool. VESDO offers for this purpose a set of self-adhesive Conformance Labels, which can be directly applied to your regular product carrying the Data Matrix Code. – Just place an individual label over an existing printed code and run the product past the inspection camera to check for correct code evaluation.Our Conformance Labels contain specific deficiencies for selectively triggering one of six indipendent failure channels – and this ranging from Grade A (perfect quality) through B, C and D up to F (code failure). The testable failure modes are:

  • Contrast
  • Modulation
  • Fixed Pattern Damage
  • Unused Error Correction
  • Axial Non Uniformity
  • Non Uniformity

This cost and time effective testing of your production lines is crucial to developing a proactive strategy for success.